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Artist Majrovski-Mejro is one of the most visible masters of time. In 1979 it has ended the Warsaw Academy of fine arts where the known artist professor A.Lis was its teacher. In the mid-eighties the artist has begun working out of own creative style. The brilliant follower of the Field of Cezanne, Oscar Kokoshki and Russian конструктивистов, it is a vivid example of observance of traditions in painting and simultaneously personal refraction of these traditions, showing the world the creative freedom, realisation of bright inspiration.

It is interesting to track style basis of creations of Zdislava, its roots, which distances as a result of such original and bright style. Sometimes these roots of teachers lie down so deeply that very difficultly happens to track and designate their undercover existence. Certainly, here in its formal compositions, by all means there is K.Malevicha and V.Kandinsky’s Russian avant-guard, as the revolutionising phenomenon not only at painting, but also in XX-th century art as a whole. This style has taken place as for the first time the shown, entirely is abstract-solved form finished to the semantic importance of a sign. Honouring of avstrijsko-Czech painter Oscar Kokoshki, is expressed in pictures of Zdislava Majrovski-Mejro in program экспрессивности, in a wonderful overflowing especial, as if flexible sensual colour, in a pressure and a variety of emotions, in the passion alien any inert, to form, in the recognition of the general humanistic and figurative poetry of all creativity of this modernist artist. It is especially interesting to observe in picturesque cloths of Zdislava Majrovski-Mejro the influence almost imperceptible at first sight, the French postimpressionists, and in particular, fundamental opening in painting of the Field of Cezanne. In such deep закорененности, in a modernistsko-classical basis of painting the main force of influence of its art is covered. And this colour in Cezanne’s understanding, and its this new spatiality, and structure of a reconstruction of the image, all it is accepted by the Polish painter. Cezanne’s creativity, causes the main finds of art of a century XX and general bases of art, modernist language of our days. At Cezanne’s Field, breath of new space, space of the next century, let and conditionally soldered in by the artist in a canvas, but hard, elastic, live, as if torn in infinity was especially notable. That сезанновского spaces, as if for the first time seen by internal eyes and born now, in space of a new matter. At Cezanne the world with new understanding of colour, the world passed through consciousness of the reflecting artist and творимый by it anew on a cloth for the first time has been shown. Such qualities, qualities of anew arising colour – spaces, also painting of Majrovski-Mejro to the full possesses.

Intellectual and oversaturated, difficult associations, the consciousness of artist Majrovski-Mejro, is deprived burdensome materiality of persuasive phantoms. The pain, alarm, pleasure of a presentiment, move in more rarefied, as if the space released from gravitation, where a place not to volumes, but uneasy, expressive and eloquent game of planes, colour both plastic accents and hints. To it promotes, and complexity, and разнообразность invoices, and also it is refined нюансированный colour, in a spontaneity, whether joyful, whether it is dramatic – emotional experience.

The subject in pictures of Majrovski-Mejro is the original clot of the matter living not in itself, but in a power field penetrated by high-tension currents which, actually, and forms it, moulds in all definiteness, or on the contrary, tries on rupture, deforms, rumples, dissolves …. This colour field – such its special spatial environment sated with space conflicts of light and a shade, active, form-building, breathing colour conflicts. This metaphorical expression of mysterious qualities of a matter, so, and lives, its eternal fluidity and formation, life that inflaming, going out as to it it orders space creating fire.

Subconsciousness games in pictures of Zdislava are difficult and less all is aggressive. They, these games, most likely, are joyful and creative. In its pictures there is no the abstract ecstasy, complicated by repetitions of abstract combinations, the artist here is easy and natural, and consequently it is not threatened with a sincere devastation, исчерпанность, as result of circulation and repeatability.

To picturesque images, here it is especially inherent, the especial condensed structure pulsing by colour which leads to expressional pure figurativeness, intensity of life, to loneliness, and all it together – in a context the disturbing, mobile, painted difficult emotional condition of environment.

Майровски – Mejro creates poetic mythology of the sincere life, recreates its intense currents, shows the personal plastic lyrics of subconscious spheres.

Feeling painting as космогонию, transferring to painting language the fiery nature of the Universe, artist Majrovski – Mejro does not know and does not want to know gravitation laws; top and a bottom – categories alien to its art. Because it so arises at it – this безкоординатный, appearing anywhere, and departing in anywhere, but also overturned by will of the artist inside, in undercover own depths – the mysterious world of human soul.

Dmitry Korsun