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Its pictures based on amazing visions as if come from the best products of science fiction, at the same time are full of personal mysterious poetry and special disturbing, deeply psychological realism.

Alexander Kostetsky is that rare exciting image of the artist – визионера, мистагога, the witness of all mysterious and incomprehensible that is made in the world, so, and in a shower of the person. Its pictures find force of the immutable document, the revelations inspiring trembling and delight, enthusiasm and awe. Thereby they are similar to John’s visions on Patmose, and is masterful written down by it in paints of internal vision – inspirations. Because Alexander – simultaneously the artist true, writing that зримо, and at the same time – the artist not the present. The artist of extraterrestrial images, so, the master of the invisible. Because it, as the true master, is absolutely free in technical possession of the form and colour, drawing and, contrary to it is in creation of the fantastic thought up composition, that is to what traditionally learns and the Academy urged to learn all. And it allowed to comprehend not to everyone. Semiknowledge here not to manage, any dampness, crudity, banality and turbidity extraneous empty conditions accurate, as a crystal, изобразимой forms here is inadmissible. In this case even to ordinary realists in something happens is easier to achieve convincing similarity of the form, visible them as a clear traditional still-life on a table, than to the artist writing personal, by nobody visible, risky imaginations not subject to control. The imaginations influencing on a soul as religious revelations, as the integrated shots of the fantastic future as mysterious parables, it is saving directed to us, in our century from the unimaginable untimely.

At all зтих spaces which are somewhere out of us and which are recreated so tirelessly by the artist, for some reason at once becomes clear that Kostetsky is an artist very modern on style of thinking and on style of an embodiment. Such modern that he any miracle has managed to weave true, цветастую a fabric, our, time, connecting its other-wordly edges grasped by art will at once both at the past, and at the future. Its pictures are philosophical pictures – parables about the continuous time taken in consciousness entirely, as a weighty gold ingot, without any denominations, a damage, time one-stage and eternally lasting. Similar time happens sometimes is experienced at great poets, mystics and sacred that in general, an essence same. Sometimes such rare in sensation the condition of time would be desirable blasphemously, but it is traditional to name a presentiment or чаяньем Kingdoms Divine. This presentiment of affinity of the especial phenomenon – the phenomena “Divine” – also is чаемое «an art from arts» – as the Byzantian monks, seminary students – исихасты named it once.

Alexander Kostetsky – the hereditary artist. Perhaps the sources its faultless picturesque taste, erudition, congenital knowledge of laws of colour, a composition from here has, the feeling is unique correctly built stage setting in a canvas format. His father, the academician of painting Vladimir Kostetsky – that well-known master who has written in 1947 a great picture about war – “the Returning”, being nowadays in the State Tretyakov gallery, and its repetition – in a constant exposition of the National museum of Ukraine. After a while after the termination of the Kiev art institute Alexander has moved to live and work in the USA where some its exhibitions where new works which have begun drawing up of the first private collections consisting of its pictures have been written many soon have taken place.

Especially it is necessary to tell about subjects of works, so Alexander’s distinguishing pictures from pictures of its other colleagues-artists. It, first of all, the artist-fantast, визионер, the mystic. Since the earliest childhood it was fond and has read the big library scientifically-fantastiticheskoj and the esoteric literature. Read, the future artist, has grasped for ever … It as if has lodged on these unknown planets, has visited the forgotten civilisations, has seen majestic life of demigods, it was dissolved in unearthly blue and light of these unknown – till a time – the worlds. … by the way, after all there is long since in all countries this esteemed genre “fantasy” and in painting art, and having set of its nice representatives, the present masters of this direction. Read in fantastic stories, has for ever adjusted it on the meditative approach to life, has grasped it and consequently subsequently the artist has started to recreate these new mysterious worlds executed of unearthly beauty and the importance on a cloth. These are such here ичные the worlds Kostetsky, with unearthly heavens, clouds, and intricate and impossible in the world of gravitation architecture, in boundlessness of galactic spaces shining by eternal light, and its this special, shrill sensation of lasting eternity.

In 1992 Alexander has returned to Kiev. As before, the artist wrote much, integrated the main thematic orientation in painting. In 1998году the album of its reproductions prepared for release by his wife, the critic Olga Kozlovsky was published. The artist visited further with exhibitions of the USA, Germany, and was constantly exhibited in лаврской to gallery “Nave”, and in gallery “Yana” known for is found-estetskoj, a spiritual, esoteric orientation. But also incurably being ill, without receiving in time a due recognition, the master all as fearlessly travelled in time and in space, tirelessly creating the transcendental, fine, captivated, improbable and certainly existing world …

The same year, when the artist has published the album, its products have been exposed on Evroarte in Barcelona where made the big success, both at public, and among professional art dealers. In 1999 and 2000гг. Alexander Kostetsky’s pictures have been presented by gallery “Yana” in Geneva in Palexpo on Evroparti-2000 and where independent information sources have put gallery “Yana” in ten the best galleries from hundred presented on it арт the market.