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«How many myself I remember, always knew that I will be the artist», – Dmitry Nagurnyj – «since the childhood …» speaks. Since the childhood which has passed on an ancient Kiev Hem. Romantic, mysterious, thieves’, dirty. To pure the dirt does not stick. Also has not stuck. «Could become and the hooligan», – Nagurnyj admits. – «The Higher forces have saved me». The higher forces, and still those terrestrial reference points which were before eyes. First of all – the father. The outstanding personality, the amateur artist which and in the son has developed love to painting.

Itself”is a keyword to comprehension of person Nagurnogo. Truly, he has created itself(himself): self-discipline, self-education, self-expression.

When (after several unsuccessful attempts) at last has arrived in the Kiev Art institute on picturesque faculty, it had already conceptual internal program. It is natural that at once became the leader for did not wait for a god-send, and strenuously worked, breaking own complexes. He tried to “mould” from itself(himself) the free artist, valves of its heart were always open for all fresh, not ordinary.

Life of Nagurnogo developed hardly and uneasy. It never went on compromises. It was always proud and independent – not all such arrange. Absolutely there is no at it a feeling of envy. He at anybody does not look back. Therefore, probably, also there is now «a phenomenon of Nagurnogo» the artist possessing clearness of professional thinking, magnificent drawing and so high culture.

Its words: «the Person of the artist is its plastic style, its formula of expression» and still: «the Artist should be in vanity, know underlying reason of art life». It is truth about it, with one only specification – not only art. Нагурный has proved it when in the summer of 1986, after failure on ЧАЭС has gone to a Chernobyl zone, swallowed of a radiating dust, did sketches from nature. It is impossible to disagree now, – that it is the certificate of the highest civic courage.

Today Nagurnyj, with its negation of totalitarianism, with its aspiration to freedom (at the time of general несвободы) with its directly dog “scent” (on a Japanese horoscope it – “dog”) on original, present (in life and art), by the 43 years has found freedom, has found, has realised the price. The wife, the friend, a muse – Olga has helped it with it.

The art studio in the centre of Kiev is simple, convenient for work and is artistic simultaneously. Together with the owner the dog of Chunja picked up in the street lives in it.

Outwardly Nagurnyj – is harmonous, sports. Reserved manners, good literary speech. Reads much? «To tell that I widely-read, – am impossible. I read not all. In the beginning I”sniff”at the book, language, I get into style, how the writer« moulds the form ».

Favourite artists? In its creativity influence кватроченто (conditionally – the period of the early Renaissance) – especially Pero of business of Franchesko is notable. «Cezanne as the genius, has taught me to think in is figurative-plastic categories. Pavel Filonov was an idol when I was formed. Above all I appreciate Old Russian art, an iconography, architecture, the Ukrainian baroque».

Нагурный wanted to become and became the sculptor of monuments. There lived in his soul dream «to spend life on rafters», grandiose frescos, a mosaic – in utopian Cities of the Sun were represented. The dream and reality rupture “provoked” by the life, Nagurnogo has cooled. Work of the sculptor of monuments in modern conditions has seemed to it not enough the interesting.

«The artist should have the concept, the vision of the world. And, of course, freedom. It is purer and closer to me on spirit». Whether there was “new” Nagurnyj? Probably, yes. But, I think, fidelity to itself is distinctly traced in its creativity, thus being pledge always new, courageous, not ordinary that this surprisingly complete artist creates.

How Nagurnyj works? «Ratsio or intuition?» – inevitably there is this question in its workshop. Both that, and another. Рацио – from design, intuition – from God … Natural feeling of a composition. In the beginning the small drawing, the embodied thought plastic “formula” of an image. «For itself has verified idea – the hand conducts you, all your being pulses.« The volume “is moulded” by a brush, weight of a paint. Surprising, incomprehensible, apparently, only to it one accessible system of a glaze. Colouring, its blinking, depth. And any especial «сделанность» works, high “accuracy” of the form.

The preference gives to a canvas. To a primordial material of painting, it is surprising платичному to a material. «Contact to a canvas – the certificate of the highest revelation».

Works under music: art fate. Loves Haydn, Mozart, Musorgsky. The City theme (from capital letter) is distinctly traced in creativity of the artist. Work «the Archangel leaving a city». The favourite Kiev, so варварски destroyed – the destroyed monuments, the rented “old” houses. Archangel Michael – an ancient municipal arm. Now he leaves it. Whether will return?

Other canvas which and “City” is called. Here frank designing of an image – a city – a symbol.

Following development of this theme: the Demon, the Chernobyl Phantom which has hung over all of us and over a city. The surrealistic picture, which associative array conducts to a gate of a hell and paradise gate. We – in “zone”, «under a cap», and an exit from it – spiritual clarification – such is model of the artist.

Pictures of Nagurnogo give rise to sensation of any grandiose generality. Possibly, it is a generality of people in the face of ecological accident, affinity in a grief and need.

Recently Nagurnogo more and more attract is formal-stylistic searches. Sometimes it – almost on Frensisu Bacon – a fruit of “changing influence of the cultivated accidents of a paint» (“Bridge”), sometimes the thought embodied in «rhythmic idea» (“Reflection”).

Recently Nagurnyj has come back from Lithuania – worked two months with group of artists in the creativity House in Palange. Has brought therefrom many new works and strong impressions. «From Ukraine now take out spiritual riches – speaks with bitterness, – and ourselves give all without discrimination. It is pernicious for culture. And in Lithuania all it becomes seriously, structurally, favourably for a society, and for the artist. I want, that and at us so was».

Nina Veligodsky,
канд. Art criticism