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About the Gallery

In 1998, a student of the Faculty of Art Studies of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Jana Plokhikh opened the gallery “YANA”, calling it her name. By this time, there was already experience of communicating with Ukrainian artists and understanding the laws of art business. Participation in 1998 in Euroart in Spain (Barcelona), in 1999-2000. In the international art festival “EUROP’ART” Geneva, helped to acquire knowledge and in carrying out art actions in Europe. A highly-rated thesis on “The experience of organizations of art actions abroad” confirmed the correctness of the chosen path.

Gallery “YANA”, popularizes Ukrainian culture, presenting to Ukrainian and foreign admirers of art original works – painting, graphics, sculpture – the work of bright masters, who made an invaluable contribution to the history of the development of contemporary art in Ukraine.

All the artists represented in the gallery, in a unique way represent the modern stage of development of Ukrainian art. In their work they not only continue the high traditions of academic realism, modernism, cubism, fauvism, expressionism, but also reflect the style peculiarity of their time, their national school: Andrei Yalansky, Dmitry Nagurny, Konstantin Vadim Ignatov (1934-2016), Vladimir Kolesnik, Oleg Denisenko, Konstantin Kalinovich, Igor Gubsky, Alexander Sukholit, Svetlana Anoshkina, Ksenia Khodakovskaya, Viktor Lipovka, Alexandra Ruban, Svetlana Kondratenko, Yury Shevchenko, Pyotr Lebedinets, Yuri Sanytsky, Alexander Olkhov, Alexei Vlas (1952-2008), Alexander Kostetsky (1954-2010), George Verbitsky (1920-2011), Sergei Verbitsky (1956-2013), Constantine Konstantinovich (1916-1977), Yuri Ruban (1924-2006).

Oleg Denisenko – an invariable participant of many world forums of art, has many awards and solo exhibitions in European capitals. He is an academician of the Roman Academy of Modern Art. His etchings impress with the subtle craftsmanship of drawing, the precise elaboration of details, which can be compared freely with the best achievements of Rembrandt or Durer. And the spirit of fantasy, games, truly virtuosic ease of execution, amazing details and nuances of the image, does not leave indifferent, most refined admirers of art.

Konstantin Kalinovich. Corresponding member of the Royal Society of Engravers and Painters of Great Britain, winner of numerous awards and awards. In the works of this artist traces love to the old masters, especially the Dutch school. His watercolors and etchings continue the traditions of the landscape genre, fill it with new modern content – a little ironic, slightly detached, with new characters and a narrative plot. Kalinovich is a great illustrator, so each of his graphic works is a complete fascinating story about fictitious and unreasoned events. It is not surprising that a man who managed to translate the philosophy of spirituality into artistic images was appreciated abroad by famous collectors, gallery owners and museums.

Ksenia Khodakovskaya. It is inherent in the imposing breadth of filing, free, volatile skill, artistry and completeness in every detail. In the works of Xenia Khodakovskaya, apart from high skill, she feels broad, a desire for large scale, natural strength. She seems to be able to escape out of the plane of the white sheet, wanting full expression, in other dimensions. But at the same time in each work feels the attentiveness and the quivering attitude of the master to every detail. Undoubtedly, she develops her own style in the graphics, because she has a baroque contradiction between the elaborate design of the drawing and the scale and the desired generous, violent drama of figurative sound.

Andrey Yalansky – People’s Artist of Ukraine. He is called the Ukrainian Monet, an unrivaled master of atmospheric scenery. Follower of classical techniques in painting. He is a realist, continuing and developing the traditions of the National Academy of Art. In his landscapes, there is everything that the Ukrainian school of painting values ​​- the perfection of the composition, the impressionistically decided color and the discreet, ordinary, but only at first glance, beauty of the depicted world. His plot-like series is simple – a landscape in which there is so much internal warmth, imagery, attention to every detail and observation over the state of nature. In addition, this master deliberately avoids overloaded urbanized motives, and chooses only a simple and unpretentious motif of the rural “backwoods”, becoming truly “popular.” The paintings of Yalanskiy, reflecting all the traditions of the classical landscape of the 19th century, with all their originality, bright and virtuoso pitch, belong to the best works of modern painting.

Alexander Olkhov – Honored Artist of Ukraine. A brilliant landscape painter, working in a traditional, realistic manner. His work is characterized by a special agitated lyricism, an onslaught of feelings, a rich arrangement of color swatches. All this adds to his painting expression