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Among the stars, which periodically flare up in the artistic sky, which warm the imagination of the spectators and collectors of Europe and North America, in my opinion, is a star – shining, beautiful – an artist from Ukraine – Dmitry NAHURNY.

Bright, unique person … He is a famous Kyiv artist, a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine – always an intriguing spectator with his paintings and his personality.

Dmitry – a well-known monumental, noted by many researchers.

How Nutrition Works “Ratio” or “Intuition” – inevitably there is a question in his workshop. “Rational” – the design he studied in his youth, “Intuition” – from God … Subliminal creative impulses, their semiotics, even their cross – transformed, “redefined” so that it seems to be the sign “X” / so is one of The last series of Nagornoi / … It is in Ukrainian that there is an amazingly perfect word – “fine arts”. Creation of images. Magic Art. Extremely high spiritual potential. All this represents the creativity of Dmytro Nagorny.

As already mentioned, Dmytro Nagornyi is a complex, multilayer, sometimes – inept analytical analysis – artist. In his creative work – canvases are formal and figurative / among them-incredibly beautiful- “autumn-blues” /. The three-dimensional form, dense and dynamic, is always consistent with the expressiveness of the entire canvas. Sometimes Dmitry “constructs” breakthroughs “deep into” / composition “Entrance” /, giving a picture of complete harmony and persuasiveness.

Through the power of his talent, intelligence and intuition – from God – everything created by Dmitry turns into an independent, abstract, harmonious artistic image …

He / as none of the contemporary Ukrainian artists / literally owns a drawing, a line, a rhythm and at the same time a painting in the sense of “live writing” / how, by the way, and wrote all the outstanding classics of world art /.

The theme “Cities / It is in the capital letter / is clearly traceable in the work of Dmitry. Beloved Kiev, its history, its charming present-day corners. And now – the ancient German city of Aachen, which brought the artist true recognition. “There are some amazing casualties in the works of artists, some of their” magic diamonds “, their talismans.

A citizen of the world / how, in fact, he thinks himself / thinks, Dmitry is easily “used” in the images of ancient and modern “Nord” and Germany, experiments, fantasizes, creates …

Consequently, the mystery and the phenomenon of Dmitry Nagorny, in my opinion, is that he organically combines the flow of neo-conservatism and post-barbarism in his work. This “duality”: “racist” and “naivete”, this “game of art”, these forms are specifically sensual and fantasy-conditional, unusual, unlike other, favorably distinguishes Dmitry Nagurny among contemporary artists.

Recognition of true talent almost always does not happen immediately, and only time all places on their places … The fate of the artist is complex, subject to some special laws, to know which are not yet given to us. “Magic Diamond” have units. We will not be surprised if the mysterious “Mr. X” who in the near future will applaud Europe, is already among us. I’m going to him – Dmytro Nagorny …

Nina Veligodskaya
Honored Personality of Arts of Ukraine.
Doctor of Art Studies.
Kiev. May 1995.